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Kanhaiya Lal Tandoor Pvt. Ltd. India's#1 Products Exporters, Suppliers and Manufacturers

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Going out and having a perfect ‘eating out’ experience will never go out of fashion and when it comes to Indian food, Tandoori breads and other Tandoori cuisines will always be in the ‘ordered’ part of the menu card. Which means that having the perfect equipment that could help gain profit while satisfying the taste buds of customers. Moreover, The priority of food outlets to rule the food industry.

The right equipment that could run on lowest operating cost and can fulfil the need of the hotel/restaurant business while never compromising with the efficient and better cooking is what we promise to deliver at ‘Kanhaiyalal Tandoor Pvt. Ltd.’ We strive to maintain the balance between traditional ways of cooking and advanced technology to give the best possible output for our clients.

‘Kanhaiyalal Tandoor Pvt. Ltd.’ is the brain child company of two brothers, Avinder Kumar and Fakir Chand, who have put their expertise of more than 30 years to the business of producing and delivering the most important equipment of the kitchen, Tandoor and oven, to the leading Restaurants and Hotels all over the world.

The two brothers have worked hard to focus on the precision and quality while manufacturing Tandoor of different sizes and materials to cater different needs of the food industry. The Tandoors are available in copper, stainless steel, mild steel, brass in addition to the traditional ones made of simple clay and copper tandoors. The experience and the dedication are the two key factors that makes Kanhaiyalal Tandoors a constant leader.