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Catering Tandoors

Kanhaiyalal Tandoor Pvt. Ltd. is known for Catering Tandoors since years. It is the product where our years of expertise is visible and the word of mouth can certify our claims. The catering tandoors are well equipped to ease the process of cooking while adding to the flavours. Our Catering Tandoors are perfect for every setting whether it is being used in the restaurant or in open space for a large party.


Our love for food is quite visible in what we make. Each of our tandoor is space efficient and is portable so that it doesn’t become a burden for our client. Tandoor can work on gas or Charcoal depending on the choice of the client. It is easy to operate and can cater to small as well as large gathering of people.

In case of any confusion regarding the best suited Tandoor or oven for you as per your requirement, feel free to contact us. The options are huge to choose from. We are just a mail or a call away to help you in making the decision.